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Hiking trip this weekend in Sierra Buttes. This is taken from the fire lookout, elevation 8587 feet.

Great view!
Take me to your trees. Take me to your breakfasts, your sunsets, your bad dreams, your shoes, your nouns. Take me to your fingers.
— Margaret Atwood, Good Bones  (via beautyisinallthingss)

@LaurenGray will love this.

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*Amanda Bouquet*


McWay Falls
Big Sur, California
by Cody William Smith
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always big sur

Swimming pool

Always shocked when a random #menswear company is able to make people believe their “new” product (socks) will improve ones quality of life.

The basis for human advancement hinges on the dissatisfaction that comes of knowing so much about how little we know.
— Neil deGrasse Tyson (via we-are-star-stuff)

Always repost Neil. U shud 2

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